2022 Colfax Runners for Latinas First Foundation

2022 Colfax Runners for Latinas First Foundation

We have some impressive athletes running from 10 to 26.2 miles on Colfax on behalf of Latinas First. Sleep in while they run and feel good about it because you sponsored their run. You can donate here. Thank you!
My name is Yatzi Garcia and I will be running the Colfax Marathon - Urban 10 miler. Upon reviewing all the great charities in the local area, I’ve selected to run for Latinas First Foundation. As a first-generation college graduate raised by immigrant parents from Mexico, I am fully aware of the hurdles young women face as they pioneer through the rigorous process. The experience has led me to pursue career roles that elevate equity and diversity, and ultimately defy cultural norms just like my family did when they immigrated from Mexico, learned English, and raised their children to be equally resilient.
 Adriana Ocampo running Colfax for Latinas First
I am Adriana Ocampo, board member of the Latinas First Foundation.
I have been an on-again-off-again runner for 10 years.  I am running for Latinas First because I want to help create more opportunities than I had for the next generation of girls. I want them to be able to succeed and reach their goals.
Dr. Judi Diaz Bonacquisti with her father Dave Diaz after the Colfax Marathon in Denver
This is Dave Diaz, avid runner for several decades and father of Dr. Judi, the executive director of Latinas First. This picture was taken the first time Dave ran the Colfax Marathon for Latinas First in 2021. May 2022 will be his second time racing for the charity. It will also be Dave's 110th marathon race. He is running for Latinas First because his daughter is extremely persuasive, and let's face it, he was going to run this marathon anyway! Please support Mr. Diaz's run with your donation. 
Priscilla Williams
I am Priscilla Williams, and I have chosen to run the full marathon for Latinas First Foundation because I feel passionate about the organization's mission. As a first-generation Latina college graduate, I immensely value the privilege of education. I received a degree in Neuroscience and Criminology at Regis University, and I want to encourage other Latinas to pursue higher education as well. I would also like to bring encouragement and representation to Latinas who want to pursue athletics. I am proud to be Latina, and I am thankful for my culture. I want to bring that pride to other underrepresented areas. It is also important for me to mention that I would not be where I am today if it weren't for my parent's endless support. My father has inspired me as a former triathlete, and my mother has motivated me as a hardworking Latina. It is an honor to bring more awareness and representation to Latinas First Foundation with my running. I will always strive towards helping people recognize the value of inclusion and diversity. 
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