A Seat at the Table Chair Auction

A Seat at the Table Chair Auction

In honor of the Latinas First Foundation's 10th anniversary, as we continue to celebrate, elevate and honor women, we invited 10 Colorado Latina artists to paint an unfinished wooden chair, transforming its simplicity into a work of art.
The chairs are an original, one-of-a-kind masterpiece that were auctioned off. Each artist’s vision, passion, paint strokes, love and consejos channeled what their artistic rendition of what "having a seat at the table" means to them as Latinas. Each beautiful, original Seat at the Table chair will be a lifelong memento transcending generations, celebrating each artist's vision of what it means for Latinas to feel empowered to use their voice to advance our cause.
Thank you to our wonderful Latina artists for creating these works of art, and congratulations to the auction winners and owners! Artists and their chairs are noted below:
Alejandra Huerta. "They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds."
Alejandra Huerta They Tried to Bury Us
Alicia Cardena. "Turquesa"
Benita Olivas. "Together we rise...to make dreams come true."
Benita Olivas
Cindy Loya. "Amor mio."
Cindy Loya
Gloria Vialpando. "La vida de Frida"
Gloria Vialpando
Jenna Maynes. "You are a gift."
Jenna Maynes: You are a gift
Karlee Mariel. "Race relations and stereotypes"
Karlee Mariel
Karma Leigh. "Sitting in my diving feminine and in my power."
Karma Leigh: Sitting in my divine feminine
UC Sepia. "Ozjuah"
UC Sepia chair

Xencs L. Wing (Angelica Jimenez). "Canta y No Llores" 

Chair by artist Xencs: Canta no llores
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